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Do spots on Google's 1st page "become available"?

No they do not.  It is that simple, and NO ONE can promise you that you will get to be in that elite group of vendors in your category - becasue it takes time, patience and a lot of know-how in order to get the god of search engines to even look at you.  But it is possible!  I did it with my first web site while I was learning about SEO and about web sites all together.  There are many elements - but the most basic ones are usually not common knowledge and people have web sites published that are useless to people looking for your business.

Can my assistant do it to save money?


What social platform should I use?

You have to chose your battles - you simply can't be on Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat and Pinterest and Facebook and possibly stay relevant in all of them.  We will help you chose the two that are right for you.

Why do I need a web site

You need a web site to attract NEW CUSTOMERS and inform current customers.  Your web site is IDENTICAL to your store front, or your business card or your elevator pitch.  The more relevant content each one has, the easier it will be for people to find you and understand what you do!  

In today's world a web site is NOT AN OPTION - it is an OBLIGATION!

And no - Facebook is not a web site...

Something doesn't feel right in my business

Something is lurking in the air.  Uncertainty, worry, stress, indecisiceness...  you are not alone.  Our consulting service will bring you a whole new perspective about what may be happening - which is usually very easy easy to fix, just that you are too close to notice.

What questions should I ask?

There are so many that we don't even know!  This is why it is so important to have a LOCAL contact that knows your face and your business.  We want to be that local contact!