web site design - development - optimizing - management


Retail and Commercial Photography


We can photograph your products, staff, facilities and more for a fraction of standard rates and many times as a part of your web design package

Web Design and management courses


We can teach you how to design and  / or maintain your own web site

Social Media Management


We choose your battles so you know what social media platform is best for you and we manage it so you can do more important things.  Articles, postins, reference, marketing and more...

Web site design and management


In a simple and caring way, we will design your web site with you, let you see the develppment process, make sure understand all of the moving pieces and then manage your site promptly and affodably

Logo Creation - $99 (No upselling)


We can design a simple logo or an intricate logo - it is up to you and your business needs.  Our logo creation is only $99 for three options that are all created with effort and purpose

Affordable Business Printing



500 - 16lb paper - Double sided business cards $56

250 Trifecta paper business cards $65

1000 - 3.5"X11" single sided door hangers $200

1000 - 8.5"X11" Trifold brochures $275

(Design, logo, shipping are extra)

Business consulting

Sometimes you need an outsiders honest opinion...

I worked in corporate America for 25 years and learned many great things - but I also saw a lot of ineficiency and waste of resournces and money.

Then I became a business owner and nothing could have been harder!  So many things to take care of.

Could I hire a business consultant?  Well - no, becasue the ones that would consider taking a look at my smal business didn't exist  - until now.  

For a very reasonable "investment" that is much lower than you would think, I will spend time at your business, review your operations and efficiencies and give you a full summary of the areas that need improvement, areas that are benefiting your bottom line and make recommendations about other aspects.

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Sales training

My Sales Staff Is So Demotivated!

I have seen it and experienced it a thousand times.  Sales people complaining that "business is so slow!"  and yet there they are - sitting in the office moping. 

The solution is usually very simple - just that you are not the right person to deliver it.  Give me three days with them and I will return a winning team to you!

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